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I was born on 24 October 1974, in Nogara a small Italian Town between Verona and Mantova cities.


My mum is an Artist and my dad is an Engineer, therefore I'm the daughter of Art and Science, Aesthetic and Rationality.


One of my big loves are Comics, I've started reading them before I was even able to read. I was a quiet and introvert girl, who loved to sneak into the library and read the whole graphic novel wall.


I was the only child since my 14th, then Francesco, the little rascal, my brother came along.


My grandmother, Soledad, nonna Sole, she was a strong, independent, energetic woman, an entrepreneur a risk taker, not afraid to break the Status Quo. She loved me unconditionally and fostered all my passions and natural inclinations. 


At some point, my little brother taught me a big lesson in life. He was the family's "Black Sheep", not able to finish the studies and manage to fit into the social rules. Then he discovered his true call to being a chef! On my side, I was the "Dutiful" one checking all the boxes of the life game, business degree and big fat salary job into corporate.  


One day I woke up realizing that I was chasing a life and a career that was not my call, ignoring my body and my core values. 


I had a huge "Burnout", seasoned with clinical depression and anxiety disorder ... The WORST and the BEST thing that could have happened to me in my Life, a true "Wake-Up Call"!


After the "Call" I've decided to live my life as much energetic and full as possible, honouring my values and seize every single moment. 


I've learned and changed so much and I'm still learning and changing, looking forward to sharing this journey with you.



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