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Lora Shtirkova

Graphic Designer 

The Live in Color program gave me new perspectives. I’ve always seen the world in color but I didn’t realise I was choosing some color and excluding others. Thanks to Elisa I integrated what seemed to be missing but was always with me. She was the perfect mirror to reflect strength, bravery, courage but also tenderness, vulnerability, openness, never judged anything I said.


Clelia Calabro'


During Elisa's coaching I experienced the freedom to express my unconditional self, daring to challenge the Status Quo and feel at ease and accepting all the different side of me. The Live in Color Journey unleashed energy and peace  at the same time, finding the balance to dance trough life. 

stefania .jpg

Stefania Pinna


Coaching with Elisa was a peaceful experience during tumultuous times, I was able to dig deeper into myself unveiling and embracing all sides of me. She is very organised and well prepared, I felt very comfortable  and at ease 

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Ciao I'm Elisa
 Life Coach 
based in Amsterdam