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Why you should stop with New Year resolutions and start with Old year questions.

As I approached past year ends, I always fell for the new year resolutions list; I love to-do lists, and this is the ultimate one!

It gave me a sense of “I’m doing this for my development, yay!” “Let’s DO more!”

However, year after year, I quickly got bored and frustrated and filled with a sense of failure and disappointment. Although I was able to check off accomplishments, like there’s no tomorrow, it was not fulfilling at all!

Then I realized that, because my focus was always on the #PerfectYear quest, I was never taking the time to stop and appreciate things for what they were. I was chasing “mirages” and the next “amazing thing” like a promotion, a new course, a new country to travel or live in ... that should have brought me happiness and fulfilment.

This was toxic to my self-esteem and sense of worth. I never felt “good enough”. You have to stay ahead of the pack, improve yourself, achieve more, more, more, more ... but when is more ever enough?

Then A LOT changed, and I started to appreciate things for what they were and learned to celebrate the journey.

The “Old year questions” are part of my journey and I would like to share them with you. I invite you to take the time to answer them for yourself.

1. What were your top achievements?

2. What were your top challenges?

3. What did you learn about yourself?

4. What new or existing relationship did you develop?

5. What did you create or bring into the world this year?

6. How specifically did you make a difference?

7. Where did you have the most fun?

Whishing you un Felice Anno Nuovo!


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