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GEA is Giulia, Elisa and Alice: three Italian girls living in Amsterdam with different personalities, but with a similar story to tell: no matter the difficulties in your life, you can always find your true call, meaning and life purpose.


As GEA, we realized how our reciprocal support was important for each other’s journey and business. We could easily see the potential in others, whereas it was hard to believe in ourselves. 

We started GEA by working on meaningful workshops and immediately realized the amazing impact we had on people. Therefore we are looking forward to bring this experience to others like you and your team.


Giulia is passionate and energetic; Elisa is strong and courageous; Alice is persuasive and sensitive. 

Our differences make GEA so special. Through the Coaching and the Self-development journey, we are committed every day to live a more joyful and authentic life. 

Join us on this journey, we will have a lot of fun!


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"Life is an experiment and that's why IT is interesting"


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"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.

Be kind. Always"


Our mission is to Enjoy Life, finding our True Call while having Fun on the way.


Let’s discover together how to live a more fulfilled life, enjoy working with our colleagues, create a better environment around us letting go of unhealthy expectations.


Why do you become “friends” with some colleagues and not with others? What are the personality traits that you like (or dislike) in yourself and others? 

How “friendship and true connection”  has impacted your career journey? 

We will investigate many similar topics as above, during an engaging and connecting experience with the aim to discover yourself through the discovery of others.

Objectives of the workshop: 


  • Increase your self-awareness

  • Understand how others perceive you as you perceive others

  • Deepen your relationships with colleagues and relevant people in your life

  • Embrace your Dark side in a Safe Environment 

  • Become more Authentic and Unleash your Natural Leadership 

  • Increase Sef-Confidence

What Others say about our Workshops:

"I was struck by the ability to involve everyone, even emotionally. In addition, the ability to also convey important concepts in a fun and at the same time profound way"

"It has been a discovery towards the professional ANd personal world and towards myself, I have certainly re-evaluated my "most sensitive points" and rediscovered that they are an added value and not something always to be controlled. in short: pump up EMOTIONS and decrease judgment!"

"I'm still experiencing wonderful post-workshop effects, which I rediscover day after day"

"a beautiful, insightful experience!"

you have created a relaxed environment, without time pressure. The frequent sharing, even in relation to personal and intimate emotional situations, show that you have been able to create a beautiful climate of trust and mutual respect

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